Early Signs Of Diabetes

Diagnose Diabetes and Save Your Health by Discovering Early Signs Of Diabetes:

When you have the risk of diabetes, you don’t always realize the early signs of diabetes. Without a regular self-check, you might be putting your health into the risks of Type 2 diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one third of diabetics do not even know that they are diabetic. Not only that, but a larger majority of people, who do not know the early signs of diabetes, are the people with pre-diabetes. If you have pre-diabetes and make an early diagnose, you have the chance of saving yourself from having Type 2 diabetes.

Not realizing the early signs is OK! Even I did not realize my early signs of diabetes. I had an over-eating and prediabetes problem for several months without a single clue. Then, my condition got to such a point that I had to take a blood test. At the end, I was lucky enough to be diagnosed as early as possible. Whether it is you or a loved one, a simple blood test will be a lifesaver. To help you understand the early signs of diabetes, I made this enlightening:

    1. Frequent Urination

When you consume too much sugar, your glucose levels will be too high. At the end, your kidneys will not be able to process all the sugar, and some will be urinated. Being one of the early signs of diabetes, you should look out for urinating too much and dehydration.

    1. Numbness and Nerve Pain

When you are diabetic, you might experience numbness on your body. Consequently, it will higher in your hands and feet. Diabetic neuropathy is one of the early signs of diabetes. If you have such nerve damage, don’t be afraid. Now that you are aware, you can solve the issue.

    1. Wounds that Heal Slowly

When wounds heal slowly, there can be many different reasons causing it. Diabetes is one the reasons. The early signs of diabetes in correlation with wound healing slowly can be frequent infections. The reason for this effect is due to poor circulation that is caused by high blood sugar.

    1. Blurred Vision

Being one of the early signs of diabetes, blurred vision is temporary and can be healed with right treatment. When you take in too much sugar, your eyes will be filled with unwanted fluid, which will cause a blurred vision. If you have such a problem, you should definitely work toward normalizing your blood sugar levels.

    1. Constant Thirst

As you will urinate too much, you will be dehydrated too much. To avoid dehydration, your body will signal that you’re thirsty. Be careful to these two early signs of diabetes as they occur in your body simultaneously.

    1. Extreme Hunger

When you blood sugar level is high, your body will want to keep it high. So, you will always be hungry to keep up with that sugar level. Although you will eat, the insulin produced in your body won’t be enough for the amount you consume. As a result, you end up unnecessarily wanting to eat more to satisfy your body’s energy needs. As one of the early signs of diabetes, if you have extreme hunger or feel tired every now and then. You should consult a doctor.

    1. Dark Discoloration

This early sign of diabetes will be very easy to detect as today’s world is focused on perfecting the imperfections. According to Mayo Clinic, these dark discolorations will come out as patches and scars. If you gain weight but not sure if it is diabetes, look for dark skin patches in your armpits, neck, and groin regions. It can be an obvious sign that you have Type 2 diabetes.

Hypoglycemia and Diabetes

Now that you know the early signs of diabetes, let’s look deeper into other diseases related to diabetes. If you have rapid heartbeat, mood changes, difficulty in walking, or nausea, then you might have hypoglycemia. I have also covered hypoglycemia on another article, but basically, it occurs due to taking too much insulin, diabetes medication, or delaying meal. Keep following my articles to learn more about hypoglycemia.

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