Cure Diabetes in 5 minutes

Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco, Doctor of Metabolic Medicine, an 82 yr previous Filipino Doctor discovers meals that treatment diabetes in 5 minutes.

Conventional drug based mostly drugs treats diabetes as being attributable to sweets however in response to Dr. Dy-Liacco, diabetes is attributable to a deficiency in 6 particular minerals: vanadium, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, and gymnema sylvestre. If your physique doesn’t have sufficient of those you then get diabetes. On the opposite hand in case your physique have these minerals in adequate quantity, you may eat all of the sweets that you really want and your blood sugar won’t go up past what’s regular.

His treatment consists of the next components:

* 12 items of crimson scorching chili (siling labuyo, Scientific Name: _Capsicum Frutescens_), chopped high-quality
* 2 uncooked eggs (natural/fertilized)
* half of teaspoon sea salt

Mix properly all of those and eat straight up. You might comply with it up with a glass of water in order for you. Within 5 minutes, blood sugar will normalize. Caution: please do not take this on an empty abdomen on account of the chili peppers.