Dear Diabetes: It’s not me, it’s you.

I felt that it was time you and I had somewhat speak. You see, I’m a bit weary of you. Why, you ask? Let me rely the methods.

 Many, many individuals really feel it’s their proper to accuse me of inviting you into my life.  They can do it in a joking method or are downright impolite!

I take into consideration you approach an excessive amount of. You don’t deserve that.
You trigger me to really feel responsible about issues that I shouldn’t really feel responsible for; issues like consuming or studying a e-book as an alternative of going for a stroll.
You price me some huge cash.
You trigger me to fret about my future.
I may go on and on however I don’t see the purpose. I want this was a Dear John letter; a option to get you out of my life, however alas, I’m caught with you. I simply wanted to say to you that I’m going to make each effort to take away among the management you’ve had over me. You see, I forgot for some time that it’s you, not me. I’m not the issue, you might be. I want you’d bugger off however I can take care of you hanging round. It’s not like I’ve a selection. What I can select resides my life and utilizing no matter instruments are at my disposal to maintain you within the background the place you belong.
It’s not me, it’s you. You are the issue on this relationship. I’m the shining star.

Every Person with Diabetes