Diabetes – How to Check Blood Sugar Level Yourself

Diabetes is among the most promising ailments now a day. Population of diabetic sufferers is rising dramatically dramatically since previous few years. So it is extremely necessary to hold a test on diabetes. In this concern you your self play a giant function in managing your diabetes. First, you want to know the way diabetes impacts your physique.

To Check your blood sugar often tells you whether or not your way of life, your bodily exercise, meal plans, and medicines do a superb job controlling your diabetes.
There are two simple strategies to check your blood sugar stage your self. They take lower than two minutes.

  • Finger-stick technique
  • Noninvasive technique


Most tools for checking blood sugar stage includes pricking your finger with a tiny needle (lancet) to draw a drop of blood. Some draw the blood out of your forearm. For studying your blood sugar stage, you should use a blood glucose meter that can present the quantity on its display.

There are many sorts of meters. Your physician might help you select one and present you ways to use it. If you continue to have questions, test the directions that got here along with your meter. There are many more moderen choices additionally out there available in the market reasonably than a lancet for creating the tiny gap wanted to draw the blood from the finger like they check blood from different much less delicate components of the physique than the fingertips.

These new gadgets draw blood in methods comparable to the finger-stick technique.

To test your diabetes by means of finger stick technique, comply with these easy steps:

Step 1 – Wash your arms with heat water and dry them properly with a clear towel. You may use an alcohol wipe to clear the finger that you just'll draw blood from.
Hold your hand beneath your waist for a minute or so. This helps blood pool within the finger, making it simpler to get sufficient blood for the check.

Step 2 – After getting ready your lancet and glucose meter, have a clear check strip prepared. Stick the aspect of your fingertip with the lancet. There are many sorts of lancets and meters. Some draw blood out of your forearm. Your lancet and meter might not seem like the one on this picture.

Step three -Put a drop of blood on the check strip.

Step four -To get your outcomes, comply with the instructions that got here along with your blood sugar meter. Some meters can provide ends in a couple of minutes.

Step 5 -Write down the outcomes and the time you probably did the check.

Most docs will use these data to see how properly you're managing your blood sugar stage.


Any different blood sugar testing software doesn’t draw blood. You put on it in your wrist like a watch and it takes the studying by means of your pores and skin. It makes use of a slight electrical present to pull fluid by means of the pores and skin and into the machine, the place it measures the sugar stage.

The watch can’t substitute your common finger-stick check. But the watch enables you to see developments in how your blood sugar modifications over the course of the day.There are some pointers to test your diabetes with noninvasive technique.

Some normal pointers for checking your blood sugar stage are given as beneath

  • Wear the system for a 3-hour heat-up earlier than taking a studying. During this time, don’t bathe or swim.
  • Adjust the system by coming into a blood sugar measurement that you just've gotten by the finger-stick technique each time you utilize the watch.
  • The system will routinely take readings each 20 minutes for up to 12 hours. It might be programmed to sound an alarm in case your blood sugar reaches dangerously excessive or low ranges.