Discussion on Dawn Phenomenon

As an individual with sort 2 diabetes, the next does have an effect on me, however more often than not I’ve averted it with changes to my insulin.  The largest help has been splitting my lengthy performing insulin into two doses per the medical doctors directions.


The daybreak phenomenon is a standard, pure rise in blood sugar that happens within the early morning hours, between roughly four and eight a.m. The shift in blood sugar ranges occurs because of hormonal adjustments within the physique.


All folks expertise the daybreak phenomenon to 1 stage or one other, which may fluctuate daily. People with out diabetes might by no means discover it occurring, as a standard physique’s insulin response adjusts for the rise with out intervention.


An individual with diabetes is extra prone to expertise signs from the rise in blood sugar ranges, nonetheless.


How does it have an effect on folks with diabetes?

Dawn phenomenon is a standard rise in blood sugar launched by the liver. The launch occurs because the particular person’s physique is getting ready to wake for the day.


The rise in blood sugar is often dealt with with insulin. For folks with diabetes, insulin isn’t produced in excessive sufficient portions, or the physique is unable to make use of the insulin correctly.


As a end result, an individual with diabetes will really feel the consequences of getting excessive sugar ranges within the blood.


These results can embody: faintness, nausea, vomiting, weak point, disorientation, feeling drained, and excessive thirst.


Managing the daybreak phenomenon

Managing blood sugar ranges is nothing new to most individuals with diabetes. A mix of food regimen, train, and medicine typically assist preserve the signs and issues beneath management.


In the case of daybreak phenomenon, there are some extra adjustments which will assist forestall points attributable to the spike in blood sugar.


Some steps folks with diabetes can take to handle the daybreak phenomenon embody:

   altering treatment fully or making changes with a physician on current treatment

   avoiding skipping meals or treatment doses

   avoiding carbohydrates round bedtime

   taking treatment nearer to bedtime and never at time for dinner

Other steps embody consuming dinner earlier within the night. After dinner, some mild bodily exercise, corresponding to going for a stroll, jogging, or yoga, is inspired.

It is probably going that an individual with diabetes will expertise excessive morning blood sugar ranges now and again. Occasional, gentle points from daybreak phenomenon aren’t too worrisome. However, if the frequency turns into rather more common, then it is time to name a physician.


If blood sugar ranges spike too excessive because of daybreak phenomenon, the consequences can vary from gentle to a life-threatening medical emergency.

Some issues that an individual with diabetes might expertise because of daybreak phenomenon embody:

   nerve harm

   harm to blood vessels

   organ harm

   ketoacidosis, a particularly harmful buildup of acid within the bloodstream

People who expertise repeated excessive blood sugar ranges because of daybreak phenomenon ought to see a physician to stop these penalties.

Do choices differ between sort 1 and kind 2 diabetes?

Differences in coping with daybreak phenomenon relies upon extra on the person particular person than what sort of diabetes they’ve or what their therapy plan is.

An individual with sort 1 diabetes might regulate the dosage or sort of insulin to account for any adjustments in a single day. In different instances the place the particular person wears an insulin pump, they might regulate the pump to ship additional insulin within the morning.