High sugar levels linked to cognitive decline irrespective of diabetes

Keeping good management of blood sugar levels is essential to forestall cognitive decline in older age even amongst folks with out diabetes, in accordance to new analysis.

Studies have beforehand linked poor blood sugar management in folks with diabetes to an elevated threat of mind circumstances corresponding to Alzheimer’s illness, however by no means earlier than through the use of HbA1c. This is a take a look at which supplies a measure of common glucose sugar levels over a three-month interval.

Scientists from Imperial College London discovered that increased HbA1c levels amongst older folks with and with out diabetes had been related to heightened cognitive decline, measured by exams of reminiscence, cognition and govt perform.

“Our findings suggest that interventions that delay diabetes onset, as well as management strategies for blood sugar control, might help alleviate the progression of subsequent cognitive decline over the long-term,” mentioned the researchers.

A standout takeaway message from the examine is that consuming high-sugar and too many high-carb meals is probably going to be dangerous for us whether or not or not now we have diabetes.

“Just because you don’t have type 2 diabetes doesn’t mean you can eat whatever carbs you want,” mentioned epidemiologist Rosebud Roberts from the Mayo Clinic, who wasn’t concerned within the examine, in an interview with The Atlantic.

“Especially if you’re not active. [What we eat is] a big factor in maintaining control of our destiny.”

The examine workforce monitored 5,189 folks, all of whom had been aged 50 or older, who had participated within the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. Their cognitive perform was measured between 2004-2005 and 2014-2015, in addition to their HbA1c levels.

More and extra analysis is revealing that sugar has an infinite affect on the human mind when consumed commonly, and our Low Carb Program has demonstrated how reducing out sugar and decreasing consumption of high-carb and processed meals will help folks scale back their threat of kind 2 diabetes and even put the situation into remission.

While the mechanisms between excessive blood sugar levels and cognitive decline are usually not but totally understood, the findings are fascinating. Future research will purpose to clarify these leads to better element.

The findings seem on-line within the journal Diabetologia.