How the Omnipod 5 – The Tubeless Closed-Loop Insulin Pump – Plans to Simplify Your Life

Here comes the Omnipod 5! The model new system, the first tubeless closed-loop insulin supply system with smartphone management, has been FDA-approved, and is now discovering its approach to fortunate early American clients via a restricted market launch. It must be extensively obtainable in the United States later this 12 months.

The new Omnipod syncs straight with a Dexcom G6 steady glucose monitor: each 5 minutes, the Omnipod receives a brand new blood sugar measurement and adjusts insulin supply in response.

In idea, the two gadgets work collectively to maintain your blood sugar in vary, with hardly any effort in any respect, and with out the want for a devoted third system.

We spoke with Eric Benjamin, Insulet’s Senior Vice President of Innovation & Strategy, about the new system.

If there was one function of the Omnipod 5 that Eric burdened many times, it was simplicity. Everything about the Omnipod 5 was designed to be as streamlined and easy as doable to cut back effort, stress, and cognitive burden.

“In order for it to have the affect that we needed it to have on the diabetes neighborhood, we designed the system in order that it will work for everyone. We needed all people to have the option to use Omnipod 5, whether or not they have been skilled pumpers or have been coming from a number of day by day injections [MDI].

“The intent of the design of the Omnipod 5 was to simplify life.”

Adaptive Learning

If the Omnipod 5 works the approach it’s meant to—and the pivotal trial that led to FDA approval confirmed that the overwhelming majority of customers stayed in auto mode the overwhelming majority of time—you’ll have the option to overlook all about basal charges and insulin doses totally. You simply set a blood sugar goal (the smartphone app permits you to select targets from 110 mg/dL to 150 mg/dL), and the system does the relaxation.

How does it do it? The Omnipod 5 has a machine studying part. It solely takes a handful Three-day pod periods for the system to stand up to pace in your basal insulin wants, your insulin-to-carb ratio, and your correction issue.

“We had to have some expertise in place that might let the system be taught the insulin wants for brand spanking new customers even when they themselves didn’t have a fantastic sense of what their precise insulin wants have been. And so so as to obtain that, we created this adaptive studying system that mainly learns the affected person’s insulin necessities.

“It’s studying how insulin delicate you’re, in order that it will probably tune the automated supply to the wants of the particular person.”

Eric says that the system has labored extraordinarily nicely for sufferers with no prior expertise with insulin pumps, and subsequently no information of regular pump inputs.

“We saw that in the pivotal trial. We saw folks come straight off of injections, who may not have known exactly what traditional pump parameters they should use, and they had a great onboarding experience.”

And the adaptive studying by no means stops, so customers with incessantly altering insulin wants (akin to rising youngsters and youths) profit when the system adjusts on the fly.

“We believed throughout design that if folks didn’t know their parameters, or their parameters changed over time, that they would have a great automated insulin delivery experience.”

how the omnipod 5 the tubeless closed loop insulin pump plans to simplify your life - How the Omnipod 5 – The Tubeless Closed-Loop Insulin Pump – Plans to Simplify Your Life

Food & Exercise

Simplicity additionally guides the mealtime design features. Experienced pump customers could also be used to having an arsenal of strategies to deal with unpredictable blood sugar rises, akin to sq./twin wave or prolonged boluses. The Omnipod 5 does away with all of that. When you eat a meal, there may be precisely one enter: “The user only has to enter carbs.”

When you eat, you merely enter the variety of carbs you’re about to take pleasure in, and the system does the relaxation:

“What’s different is that the SmartBolus calculator will connect to the Dexcom G6 CGM, take both the glucose value and the trend information, and adjust that carb entry on the basis of both of those pieces of information.”

“After that, the system will keep doing what it’s supposed to be doing,” adjusting insulin supply charges up or down each 5 minutes in response to blood sugar adjustments. Ideally, a consumer gained’t have to fear about particularly difficult meals like pizza or sushi—the system ought to maintain you in vary. If you need to learn the way a lot insulin was required, you will discover out, however “that kind of information is deliberately not on the homescreen. The user interface is really simple.”

The system solely kicks the consumer out of automated mode throughout “exceptional circumstances,” akin to low- or high-blood sugar emergencies.

I prompt to Eric that a few of our readers, a bunch uncommonly devoted to very tight glucose administration, could be hesitant to quit the degree of element that they’ve change into accustomed to. He responded with an anecdote:

“I had the probability to converse to somebody who matches the description of your readers earlier this week. He had not too long ago began utilizing the Omnipod 5. He mentioned to me, “Eric, it’s attention-grabbing, I assumed I cherished all the particulars, and I truly didn’t respect how a lot time I used to be spending interested by all these things. I don’t suppose I’m gonna miss that.’

Exercise is equally streamlined. No extra setting totally different basal charges for several types of actions. There is one exercise mode, and it’s referred to as “exercise mode.” It briefly raises the blood sugar goal and tells the system to be much less aggressive in dosing insulin.

“If you’re going to do an activity, the only thing you tell the system is how long you’re going to do it. There’s no more tweaking than that.”

A Few Details

Now that the Omnipod 5 has been authorized, it’s been launched to a small record of shoppers in a restricted variety of markets. While Insulet is assured of their tech, they need to take a look at their functionality to roll out the product on a large scale, and are gearing up their distribution, insurance coverage help, and repair expertise. Eric couldn’t give me an estimate of when the system will likely be absolutely obtainable, and will solely promise that “we know there are lots of people waiting and we can’t wait to get it to them.”

When it’s obtainable, sufferers will fill their Omnipod 5 prescriptions via the pharmacy, not a sturdy medical tools provider.

The Omnipod 5 is at the moment indicated for sufferers with kind 1 diabetes ages six and up, however Insulet expects that it’ll ultimately be authorized for smaller youngsters and for folks with insulin-dependent kind 2 diabetes.

At the second, the Omnipod 5 can solely work with Android smartphones; iPhone customers can nonetheless use the system, however want to use the devoted controller to set blood sugar targets and enter carb counts. A completely practical iPhone app is in the works.

Today, the Omnipod 5 requires Dexcgom G6 CGM to work (and it must be appropriate with the G7 when it’s launched). It’s not an unique partnership; Eric burdened to me that Insulet is dedicated to shopper alternative, and that it’s at the moment collaborating with Abbott to sync the Omnipod up with the Freestyle line of steady glucose displays.

Omnipod 5 customers can nonetheless make use of the Dexcom G6 options they’re used to, like low blood sugar alarms, however the thought is that it ought to solely be mandatory to use the Dexcom app when beginning a brand new sensor session. “We didn’t want users to interact with the system any more than they had to.”

The system is designed to work even when there are technological hiccups. If you could have to change CGM sensors, or lose connectivity for some motive, the Omnipod will proceed to secrete insulin. If you overlook your cellphone, the CGM and the Omnipod can nonetheless talk to maintain you in vary.


Expect the Omnipod 5 to be extremely popular. People with diabetes already love the Omnipod insulin pump, the solely tubeless pump on the market. When we surveyed our neighborhood on the finest insulin pumps, the Omnipod DASH was the best choice of many readers, even above pumps that do provide automated insulin management, akin to the Tandem t:slim X2 and the Medtronic 770G.

Some of our readers already use the Omnipod in a closed-loop system, which requires them to comply with the rules of do-it-yourself looping. But we all know that almost all of our readers aren’t anxious to take that plunge.

As the first tubeless pump on a closed-loop system, the Omnipod 5 arguably represents an enormous step ahead to the dream of a synthetic pancreas, a tool that might deal with your whole diabetes administration for you. It’s not fairly there—you continue to want to rely carbs and sort them into the app—but it surely’s gentle years forward of what was obtainable solely not too long ago.

Eric says, “It’s the killer app, it’s the thing that everybody wants.”

“We believe that most people don’t want to spend all their thinking about their diabetes. We want to build products that let people choose to do other things, and to simplify their lives to the greatest extent that they possibly can.”

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