PCOS-like characteristics not associated with increased type 2 diabetes risk, researchers say

Characteristics of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) do not enhance the chance of type 2 diabetes in obese ladies with out PCOS, in keeping with new analysis.

It is well-known that girls with PCOS have better insulin resistance, and due to this fact a heightened danger of type 2 diabetes, however analysis into the influence of PCOS signs, akin to irregular menses and elevated focus of androgen hormones, and the way they enhance diabetes danger in ladies with out PCOS is much less understood.

Scientists from the University of Michigan aimed to analyze these characteristics in obese ladies with glucose intolerance. All of the ladies had been aged 25 or older and had signed as much as both the Diabetes Prevention Program or the Diabetes Outcomes Study. None of the ladies had been handled with exogenous estrogen (estrogen taken as a therapy).

Irregular menses and androgen ranges had been noticed and in contrast with the ladies’s diabetes danger over a 10-year interval, in addition to their danger of coronary artery calcification, a danger issue for coronary artery illness.

Elevations in these characteristics had been associated with increased BMI, waist circumference and blood stress, however not an increased probability of type 2 diabetes.

“We conclude that compared to midlife women who are already glucose intolerant and overweight, histories of [irregular menses] and relative elevations in androgens do not additionally increase risk or the burden of subclinical atherosclerosis,” stated the researchers.

“While our report does not rule out that these conditions may identify women at risk in their younger years, it suggests that chronic disease burden in midlife women may be most effectively addressed through weight loss, metformin and the other diabetes prevention measures already known to be beneficial for all women at increased risk for diabetes.”

The findings seem in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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