Ready-to-use glucagon pen performs well as T1D hypo treatment

A ready-to-use glucagon pen for the treatment of extreme hypoglycemia has carried out well in a research the place it was compares to a traditional syringe-based glucagon package.

Severe hypoglycemia is when somebody with kind 1 diabetes has very low blood glucose ranges that requires treatment from another person. Severe hypoglycemia requires speedy treatment as it will possibly turn into very harmful in a brief house of time.

Currently, the glucagon kits out there contain a course of that features mixing answer with a glucagon powder earlier than the injection is given. This is easy sufficient to be carried out at house however there are a variety of steps required.

The new Dasiglucagon pen is ready-to-use in the same solution to a glucagon pen which simplifies its use. This will be very useful for people who find themselves making an attempt to behave rapidly in an emergency scenario. The Dasiglucagon pen has been developed by Danish agency, Zealand Pharma.

The trial seemed to check whether or not the Dasiglucagon pen functioned as well as the present glucagon kits. The researchers measured whether or not the pen acted rapidly, how efficient it was at elevating blood sugar and whether or not the unintended effects had been tolerable.

The research concerned inducing hypoglycemia in 58 research contributors with kind 1 diabetes by delivering insulin intravenously. In response to hypoglycemia, the glucagon remedies had been delivered. The researchers monitored glucose ranges following the glucagon remedies to see how rapidly every treatment responded.

The outcomes confirmed that the Dasiglucagon pen acted equally rapidly as the syringe-based glucagon package. The Dasiglucagon pen had a bigger and longer-lasting impact of elevating blood glucose ranges. Side results between the 2 remedies had been related with nausea being essentially the most frequent aspect impact.

The outcomes of the research are optimistic and lift hopes easier to make use of glucagon treatment could also be out there within the coming years.

The research was printed within the December problem of the Diabetes Care journal.