Tiny GLP-1 drug mini-pump performs strongly in reducing blood sugar levels

A nine-month trial reveals that ITCA 650, a mini-pump that delivers a GLP-1 receptor agonist drug with out requiring injections, has carried out effectively in reducing blood sugar and physique weight.

ITCA 650, developed by Intarcia Therapeutics, makes use of the Medici Drug Delivery System which entails having a really small machine implanted beneath the pores and skin. The machine is smaller than the scale of a matchstick however is ready to ship the diabetes remedy exenatide for between Three-6 months earlier than needing to get replaced.

Exenatide is a GLP-1 receptor agonist drug that’s prescribed to folks with sort 2 diabetes below the drug names Byetta and Bydureon when in injectable kind. Exenatide helps to enhance blood sugar levels after meals by growing insulin secretion after meals while inhibiting glucagon secretion. It additionally helps weight reduction by slowing down digestion and reducing urge for food.

GLP-1 receptor agonist medicine have been efficient, however they have to be injected regularly. Some folks cope effectively with injections, however others discover injections way more troublesome than taking pill remedy. An benefit of the mini-pump is that it doesn’t require injections and works robotically so, in contrast to injections, it doesn’t have to be remembered.

The trial concerned 60 adults with sort 2 diabetes and excessive HbA1c levels of between 86–108 mmol/mol (10-12%). All the individuals had a BMI of over 25 kg/m2.

The individuals had been implanted with ITCA 650 initially of the trial. They acquired a dose of 20 micrograms per day for the primary 13 weeks after which the dose was stepped as much as 60 micrograms for the subsequent 26 weeks. HbA1c levels and physique weight had been assessed after 9 months (39 weeks).

At the top of the research, the outcomes confirmed that the typical discount in HbA1c was 30 mmol/mol (2.eight%). Nine out of 10 individuals skilled a discount in HbA1c of equal or larger than 11 mmol/mol (1%). Furthermore, one in 4 had been capable of cut back their HbA1c right down to below 53 mmol/mol (7%).

Compared to the discount in sugar levels, the impact on physique weight was a extra modest common discount of 1.2 kg.

Side results skilled in the course of the research included nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and headache. These uncomfortable side effects are widespread for folks taking GLP-1 receptor agonist medicine and the excellent news is that the uncomfortable side effects subsided by means of the research. Only one in 15 individuals needed to discontinue participating in the research.

The trial, which is a section III trial, reveals promise for being efficient at treating folks with sort 1 diabetes which have struggled to handle their blood sugar levels.

The research is printed on-line, forward of print, by the Diabetes Care journal.