Toujeo as effective as Tresiba in reducing blood sugar, study reveals

The diabetes drug Toujeo is as effective as Tresiba (insulin degludec) in phrases of reducing blood sugar ranges in individuals with sort 2 diabetes, a study reviews.

Toujeo, a once-daily long-acting insulin made by the drug firm Sanofi, was in comparison with Novo Nordisk’s drug Tresiba in a trial referred to as the BRIGHT study.

Toujeo can also be identified as insulin glargine 300, and was permitted as a diabetes remedy in the UK in early 2015.

Researchers needed to see whether or not Toujeo garnered the identical outcomes as Tresiba when it got here to controlling HbA1c ranges.

They additionally needed to see whether or not the drug diminished the quantity of people that skilled antagonistic occasions and low blood sugar ranges.

The preliminary findings of the BRIGHT trial, involving greater than 900 individuals who had beforehand struggled to manage their sort 2 diabetes on non-insulin remedy, have been optimistic. The full analysis paper will likely be revealed subsequent 12 months and will likely be wanted to check whether or not the charges of hypoglycemia have been related.

Novo Nordisk’s Tresiba has proven robust outcomes in reducing nocturnal hypos in explicit and it stays to be seen if Toujeo can compete with this.

Sanofi’s Riccardo Perfetti, head of the worldwide diabetes medical, stated: “The most not too long ago launched long-acting insulins have already demonstrated important blood glucose decreasing profit to grownup sufferers with diabetes. From the angle of physicians and sufferers, hypoglycemia stays a serious limiting issue in effective blood sugar administration in diabetes.

“We imagine that these first comparative scientific information assessing similarity and distinction not solely in efficacy, but additionally in the vital security side, such as low blood sugar occasions, can help physicians in their remedy choices.”

Just like all long-acting insulin prescriptions, Toujeo is linked to hypoglycemia, a typical aspect impact of the drug. Those who use the remedy are inspired to watch their blood sugar ranges intently. Other signs embrace weight achieve, low potassium and pores and skin reactions to the injections.

Toujeo incorporates 3 times as a lot insulin in 1 mL as customary insulin (100 Units/mL) and isn’t for use to deal with diabetic ketoacidosis.