What’s the Best Insulin Pump? We Asked Our Community

Which insulin pump is best for you (or the one you love)? It’s a really private resolution. While it is best to lean closely in your medical workforce earlier than making a selection, it’s additionally an ideal thought to discover the opinions of different folks with diabetes. To assist, we requested our group and social media followers what they thought.

First, right here’s a fast rundown on a few of the hottest fashions of insulin pumps amongst Diabetes Daily readers:

Omnipod Dash – This deserves particular point out as the solely tubeless pump presently obtainable. The Omnipod ought to be particularly widespread with anybody lively, with kids, and with anybody that has ever received an insulin pump tube caught on a door deal with. It’s additionally waterproof. The pump itself doesn’t have buttons – it’s operated with the use of a Personal Diabetes Manager app on a smartphone, which may additionally combine with the Dexcom CGM.

The Omnipod might be the most beloved pump in our group. Here’s a few of what we heard:

“No tubes! I’m tube-free, and I do the DYI looping which I think the Omnipod is best for.” – Ryan C.

“Omnipod is waterproof, tubeless, works with DYI looping, and delivers a .05 unit bolus. I don’t hear many emergency stories of kinked cannula situations with Omnipod either. But that may be just me.” – Laci B.

“My 12 year old chose Omnipod because there are no tubes. It has been an absolute blessing for her.” – Melanie D.

“Like others, I love Omnipod because its tubeless and its ability to loop. Diabetes made easy! I also love to paint them!”- Cindy S.

“Omnipod for me. Waterproof and no tubes.” – Jennie B.

“My son and I both loop with Omnipod. It’s been a game-changer.” – Kerry L.

“I loop with Omnipod now. I previously used Medtronic 670G. I had a lot of issues with the automode so switched to Omnipod and looping. Have never looked back!”

“I didn’t care for the Medtronic 670G. Tandem is great if you like tubing, but looping with Omnipod is my Cadillac!” – Tammy R.

Tandem’s t:slim X2 – This is the smallest pump obtainable (38% smaller in accordance with Tandem), which is cause sufficient to consider it severely. For a tool that incorporates tubing, this appears to be the most refined selection. It has a user-friendly touchscreen and integrates with Dexcom.

If you will have a Dexcom CGM, it’s also possible to use the t:slim X2 to create a loop through the use of Tandem’s Control-IQ know-how, which routinely adjusts your insulin supply in response to blood sugar ranges. It will even ship correction boluses for hyperglycemia.

The t:slim X2 was the hottest tubed insulin pump:

“I like t:slim, it is smaller, rechargeable, and I like the display. I use the extended bolus option to deal with protein. I also like the IOB display which has saved me a few times from overdosing and stacking. And I love the Dexcom connectivity with my pump!” – Jane M.

“I love Tandem t:slim because of the tubes. The tubes allow me to not have a contraption attached to me at all time. Gives me more infusion site options and allows me to disconnect for shower and other adult activities. Also, the Dexcom integration is fantastic. Tubes aren’t a big deal at all. ”- Matt N.

“I am currently using Tandem and I like it. Ominpod had a lot of issues for me and doesn’t offer cannula choices. That is something to think about.” – Bridget Ok.

“I use Tandem now. I am getting used to it after using Medtronic for 27 years prior… I decided to switch since nothing was new with the latest Medtronic model.” – Cathy Ok.

“Tandem! It has the best technology, links with Dexcom, and there were just too many cons with the Omnipod for me.” – Linsey G.

“I used Medtronic for about 30 years and switched about 6 years ago to t:slim with the Dexcom, and this has been the best decision I ever made.” – Susan D.

“Everyone seems to like tubeless but there is no way I could keep track of the PDM, I love the t:slim being attached. The t:slim/Dexcom combo is incredible, life-changing. I never really minded checking my blood sugar but not having to is awesome! I love Control-IQ.” – Stacy N.

Medtronic Minimed System – Medtronic has been making insulin pumps longer than anybody, and many individuals with diabetes have relied on the enterprise’ merchandise. They have two fashions out now – the 630G and the 770G. The 630G is an older mannequin, and whereas it doesn’t have many automation options, it’s totally accredited for sufferers with sort 2 diabetes. The 770G has a number of ranges of automation, together with an Auto Mode that frequently shifts basal insulin dosage in response to CGM readings. 

It is likely to be stunning, however few of our group members are utilizing a Medtronic pump proper now. Maybe that’s as a result of they combine with the Medtronic Guardian CGM, which will get fairly dangerous evaluations. Most mentions of Medtronic have been from people who have moved on to different fashions.

One group member presently utilizing Medtronic appears like he is likely to be making a change too:

“I use Medtronic and have used it since going on a pump about 13 years ago. I haven’t had any big issues to make me switch but I am tempted to see if the grass is greener with a Tandem/Dexcom setup.” – Dan B.

Finally, the My Life YpsoPump – I hadn’t heard of this pump till I began getting our group’s suggestions for this text. While it doesn’t look like obtainable in the United States simply but, it’s been accredited in Canada and Europe, and the firm does have plans to enter the American market. YpsoPump boasts a light-weight machine, Dexcom integration, and it appears like folks love its design. 

“I use the YpsoPump, it’s small, light, and easy to use. It works with an app but if I don’t have my phone available I can still bolus and do some other things from it.” – Louise M.

“I have used the YpsoPump for four years and just renewed. Small, discreet, light, and integration with Dexcom being rolled out. Looping option is coming this year!” – Hanna B.

“My son went on the YpsoPump last year after being on injections. We chose this pump because of its small size and minimal waste. Those two things are still winning for us over the other pumps.” – Hanna S.


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